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Examples of the excellent products that we've helped to send out into the world.


Dropsy mobile

An app that attracted 150 000 active users to one of Europe’s most innovative fashion e-commerce start-ups

Dropsy is a successful start-up, which tapped into the niche in the market of collector’s edition shoes and clothing. They approached us with a complete concept - a product idea, market research, and monetization model. To keep the business risk in check, we prioritized the features and narrowed down the mobile app MVP’s functionalities. To further streamline the development, we used React Native to deploy the app effectively on both iOS and Android.


  • #1 lifestyle app on AppStore on relase day
  • 150 000 active users in less than a year





A marketing application for a scale-up building a leading AI chatbot

Structurely is the creator of a chatbot which engages and nurtures leads, targeted towards various industries. We were asked to take over the development from the existing team and rebuild their marketing web application to boost brand awareness and sales. Following a performance audit, we decided to refactor most of the codebase. We later revamped the build system and optimized GraphCMS integration, making the website scalable and easy to update even for non-technical users.


  • Codebase refactor
  • Revamped build system
  • Performance increased by over 300%
  • Simplified content management
  • Improved SEO




Optimized loading times of a marketing web application for a cryptocurrency wallet

Our clients were launching a new version of their product and needed a revamped web presence to showcase their work. We made sure to meet their expectations and delivered a content-rich, animations-heavy site.


  • Seamless animations
  • Outstanding responsiveness on all devices
  • Site optimized for speed and improved SEO
  • Beautiful interface


Fashion e-commerce

Dropsy web

A web application extending the functionality of a mobile app with new functionalities and revenue streams

Following their mobile app’s initial success, the Dropsy team decided to expand its market presence with a web application. One of the key requirements was a powerful UX/UI and a fast headless front end. On top of that app had to be integrated with the existing back end and GraphCMS. We managed to design, build and launch the final app in less than three months.


  • A fully functioning web app within three months
  • New revenue streams
  • Fast loading times for better conversion rates



M7 Real Estate

Templating engine for high-value real estate investments that made the marketing team more effective in their work

Our client’s real estate portfolio is continually changing as they acquire new, high-value properties. Each new property needs a separate marketing project and a new website to reach potential buyers effectively. We built a modular web app, which allows us to very quickly set up and update new web pages while maintaining the consistent design and content flow.


  • Modular solution
  • Optimized business process
  • Multilingual support
  • Easy creation of new content




Complex marketing website for a Swiss loudspeakers producer

PIEGA wanted to redesign their website completely. They required state of the art online presence to match their high-end products. We partnered with Danish digital consultant Kasper Christjansen to deliver seamless interactions and outstanding performance for this project.


  • Top-notch UI/UX
  • Multilingual support
  • Optimized for performance
  • Custom maps solution for finding brick-and-mortar dealers



Event management app

A solution for event organizers solving security and legal issues

Entering free events usually means no tickets and, therefore lack of formal acceptance of terms and conditions. This is challenging from the legal standpoint for event organizers. Our client identified this gap and decided to build an app to help organizers manage their visitors in the same way as commercial venues. The solution we built consists of ticketing and visitor tracking and includes an events calendar based on geolocation, a separate functionality for QR code reading and an admin/CRM console.


  • Solving legal issues connected to free events
  • Complex user statistics
  • Geo-location based event recommendations
  • Integrated payments
  • Advanced calendar



A suite of marketing websites

Complete web solution for an international cosmetics brand

We partnered with a leading digital agency to build new brand websites and administrative panels for a global hair cosmetics company. The project included integrating headless WordPress as a CMS panel and complete modularity in extending the project. We’ve built an internal web application to support Iberion in tracking and analyzing their massive datasets. Board members have access to the panel, which displays the data in real-time, allowing them to make better business decisions.


  • Headless WordPress integration
  • Optimized for performance
  • Improved SEO
  • Beautiful UI/UX




App for organizers of Model European Union - a youth event in Strasbourg

Model European Union organizers reached out to us, as they needed a web app to help manage the conference. We built an online solution that allowed attendants to check the necessary information, locations, and updates regarding the conference. We worked pro bono on this one because we believe in European values 🇪🇺


  • Pro bono work for an educational organisation
  • All the conference info in one place
  • Real time updates



Allegra mobile app revamp

Complete revamp of an existing mobile app for better allergen insights - in less than a month

Allegra is a product from Sanofi - the French pharmaceutical giant. Before reaching out to us, Sanofi created a React Native app that allowed users to see which allergens are currently active at their location. However, the original version needed improvement. Together with Codefibers, we completely revamped the app’s look and feel, ensuring meeting all the client demands. It took us less than one month to rebuild the app and meet the 2020 UX/UI Standards.


  • Complete UI/UX revamp
  • Codebase refactor
  • Work completed in less than a month



Iberion Analytics

Advanced analytics solution for a media group that deals with large amounts of online data

Iberion is an up and coming Polish media group. Just four years after launch, they became one of the top ten largest media groups in the country. They generate large amounts of data, which needs to be continuously analyzed. Working closely with the client, we built a back office web application to support them in tracking and analyzing their massive datasets. The management has access to the panel, which displays the data in real-time, allowing them to make better business decisions in real-time.


  • Advanced business analytics
  • Custom admin panel
  • Real time data analytics




Improved product flow, faster financial reporting, and optimized CRM application for a major art broker.

Our client, Agra-Art, is a renowned art broker who runs an auction house and a gallery. The client approached us when they needed a new custom solution for managing logistics, finance, clients, and art data. The most challenging issue was understanding the legacy system (based on IBM Lotus), which the employees had been using for over twenty years. By working our way through client workshops, we created a new database architecture, developed a custom PostgREST API and allowed SQL savvy employees to find their way around the complex data. We used React to deploy the application to the web.


  • Improved UX for a more intuitive work environment
  • Custom, real-time reporting
  • Smooth switch from legacy to the new system